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Congratulations to students for another year of fun and dedication to hard work! We were dedicated to preparing over 78 student examinations with the Royal Conservatory of Music this school year.  We are proud to share with you some of our Celebratory Moments. 

Royal Conservatory of Music Gold Medal

Congratulations to our students on receiving the Gold Medal for the highest mark in the province of Alberta for their violin and piano examinations.   Since 2009, we have celebrated 15 Gold Medalists (formerly Silver Medalists) from our studio.  

Congrats to Janice on her level 10 with 96%!

  • Level 9 (2011)

  • Level 8 (2011)

  • Level 7 (2010)

  • Level 7 (2009)

  • Level 6 (2014)

  • Level 6 (2010)

  • Level 5 (2009)

  • Level 5 (2013)

  • Level 3 (2018)

  • Level 2 (2018)

  • Level 1 (2016)

  • Prepatory Level (2015)

  • Prepatory Level (2016)

  • Prepatory A (2012)

Medal & Scholarships

Congrats to our students being invited to the Alberta Registered Music Teacher (ARMTA) Honours Recital for superior excellence in their examination categories.   We have celebrated over 28 Medalists & Scholarship students in this event.      

RCM Gold Medal Event - Daniel, Violin level 4

  • Diploma Graduate: Matthew C. - ARCT Performers (2016)

  • Grades 10-Diploma: Matthew C. - BRONZE (2015)

  • Violin: Nolan R. - GOLD (2018)

  • Voice: Kailey L. - BRONZE (2018)

  • Grades 7-9: Mary L. - BRONZE (2017)

  • Grades 7-9: Mary L.- BRONZE (2016)

  • Grades 7-9: Holly L. - GOLD (2015)

  • Grades 4-6: Brian T. - GOLD (2018)

  • Grades 4-6: Mary L. - BRONZE (2015)

  • Grades 1-3: Matthew C. - GOLD (2018)

  • Grades 1-3: Billy T. - SILVER (2018)

  • Grades 1-3: Sophia L. - BRONZE (2017)

  • Grades 1-3: Rylea R. - SILVER (2017)

  • Grades 1-3: Kira T. - BRONZE (2017)

  • Grades1-3: Chung Wing L. - BRONZE (2016)

  • Grades 1-3: Brian T. - GOLD (2015)

  • Advanced Theory: Mary L. - SCHOLARSHIP (2018)

  • Advanced History: Mary L. - SCHOLARSHIP (2018)


Year end concert

Solo & Group Performances

The annual Year End Concert showcases students performing both solo and ensemble pieces.  Not only do students have the opportunity to perform solo pieces, students work with peers of different instruments to create their favourite music.  Past ensemble arrangements include themes from Disney movies, as well as favorite cartoon shows and anime.  This formal event is fun for the whole family and provides students with an opportunity to perform in a positive learning environment.


RCM Gold Medal, celebrating Partita Music Studio’s 14th & 15th Gold Medal - Oct 2018.

Performance at UBC School of Music in Vancouver - July 2018 (Vancouver).

Students performing at the reception & meeting Master Guo Gan who played in Kung Fu Panda 3 - May 2018 (Calgary Zoo).

A performance celebrating high standard of excellent playing by students who have received exam marks at the top of their levels - ARMTA Honours Recital -  Jan 2017 (Calgary).

Students performing 2 award winning compositions by their teacher Gloria Chu - Sept 2016 (Red Deer).


This is a student-only event to practice performance etiquette, including stage performance skills and how to recover from a mistake during a performance, in a safe and fun learning environment. Students will be asked to perform a selection of a prepared piece of music.  During workshops, performance techniques and procedures will be covered.  It is important for all students to practice and learn the skill of performing in front of an audience – in the case of workshops, the audience members are peers in order to provide a comfortable learning environment.  As much as teachers attempt to expand the individual’s knowledge and exposure to different composers, it is virtually impossible to learn all the pieces of an era or composer; hence, students will learn from each other’s repertoire during workshops.  As teachers, the ultimate goal is to teach every individual the necessary tools to learn the art of music independently.  From the beginning of your child’s music education, Partita Music Studio Ltd. focuses on this lifetime learning skill through workshops and performances.  

Music 101

All students from the Studio are invited to watch the Music History class presenting fun facts from their course.  Past presentations included the acting out of the comical opera The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart, Baroque and Middle Ages Instrumentations, scenes from Carmen, and a blast to the present by Beethoven & Haydn.   Peers attending are introduced to the concepts of the classical opera, the nature of the types of voices and instrumentations involved, and how operas can be fun and exciting, all from the perspective of peers.  The Music History class will share their interpretation of this hilarious opera through a short skit following a presentation of fun facts about comical operas.    

Music Appreciation Class

This is a semi-formal performance opportunity for all students. Students showcase their achievements and newly acquired skills in an encouraging and positive environment.