Gloria has been my piano teacher for over a decade, and I consider myself truly blessed to have learned from her. Every festival, every concert, every examination, in both practical technique and musical theory, Gloria works tirelessly to help her students prepare in various methods, whether it be through collaborative workshops or simply individual, one-on-one instruction. She ensures her students develop not only the skills to succeed in music, but also a passion for music that extends far beyond the years of instruction. I am incredibly grateful to have had a music teacher as wonderful as Gloria.
— Matthew, ARCT Diploma Grad | Student for 11 Years
Gloria is an amazing teacher! She uses creative ways of teaching that will ease the process of learning even the most difficult passage. As well, she helps to set a weekly practice focus by using a Music Notebook. This is really effective for me because I can keep a goal in mind throughout my practice sessions. It keeps me motivated and lets me use my time efficiently, which are two factors that are essential to becoming a better musician.

Gloria is a very experienced teacher with a variety of fun and exciting methods to teach kids; the memories of her lessons will stay with me for the rest of my life.”


I started learning piano with Gloria at the age of 5. She is attentive and patient, with an ear for detail and a genuine desire to see you succeed. It has never ceased to amaze me how much time and effort she willingly pours into her students to ensure that they develop both skills and a passion for music. To this day, I still remember the extra hours she freed up to prepare me for concerts and exams, the group workshops that she hosted every month, and the late night classes to answer extra musical theory questions. She has attended every single one of my performances, from the recitals rooms in Calgary to the concert halls in Edmonton. Fifteen years later, she has remained an integral part of my childhood. Gloria, thank you so much for everything you have taught me!
— Carlin, Level 9 Piano | Student for 9 Years
As a past student of Gloria’s, I can contribute the majority of my success in music to her. I started learning piano when I was 5 and went through several teachers until I was 14. I didn’t enjoy piano at all during that time and really didn’t see a point to it, but my parents encouraged me to keep taking lessons. As a last effort, my parents tried one last teacher before we called it quits - Gloria. Through Gloria’s accommodating teaching style, creative encouragement, and clear love for music, I somehow developed a passion for music myself. My parents saw that they didn’t have to push me to practice at home and gradually my technical skills and appreciation for music skyrocketed. I have been taught by Gloria for 7 years. She has coached me into graduating from Grade 10 and ARCT; all the while some of my best memories come from learning with her and making friends with the other students at Partita Music Studio!
— Richard, ARCT Diploma Grad | Student for 7 Years

Gloria is a very good teacher who teaches in a very enthusiastic way and kept my child very dedicated to piano.”


I’ve been Gloria’s student for more than 5 years and She has been more than just a teacher, not just to me but to also all her students. She teaches music with pride, confidence, and really puts her heart into everything she does. Gloria is really compassionate with how everyone learns and she understands the concept of music and how to teach it differently so we can all learn together. Her environment has a positive vibe which provides a safe and happy place for anyone to learn music whether its playing the violin, learning theory, or even singing. Gloria really presents her self as a teacher who shares her love for music to everyone she knows.
— Quiana, Violin | Student for 7 Years
Thanks for being a great teacher. You build trust through the interaction and learning process.  My daughter respects you like a big sister. 
— Queenie, Parent

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