Registration Form 2019-2020 : 30 Minute Private Violin/Voice Early Bird


Payment : 30 Minute Lesson Cheque dated Amount
Registration FeeRegistration date$25
Concert FeeRegistration date$30
Payment Junior
Prep A - Level 1
Level 2-4
Level 5-8
Level 9-10
1st Payment
August 10, 2019**
$96 *early bird $93 $107 $117 $125 $130
1st of each month
$96 *early bird $93 $107 $117 $125 $130
Calendar Extention
Sept 1, 2019***
4 lessons
$96 *early bird $93 $107 $117 $125 $130

Payment:  Post-dated cheques payable to Partita Music Studio Ltd.

Lesson times are reserved only when registration is complete with signature, personal information and payments 

* Early bird fee applies for completed registration forms plus all payments and post-dated cheque payments received prior to June 22, 2019      

** The first month’s payment is a deposit due on August 10, 2019.  This deposit will ensure and reserve the student’s lesson time beginning in September.  If you choose to cancel sessions before the commencement of lessons, please do so before August 10, 2019 or your first payment will be forfeited. 

*** We are offering a Calendar Extension Program for students preparing for examinations.  Students will have a longer school year to prepare for examinations.  The Calendar Extension will include four additional discounted sessions offered to assist students in the preparation of exams.  The sessions will be scheduled according to student exam dates.   

Name of Student *
Name of Student
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Mother's Name
Mother's Name
Mother's Cell Phone
Mother's Cell Phone
Father's Name
Father's Name
Father's Cell Phone
Father's Cell Phone
Address *
Home Phone
Home Phone
Previous Experience (Transfer Student Only)
Include Course Level Obtained
I agree with the conditions of this registration agreement outlined below *


1.       All lessons are to be paid according to the payment schedule.  No make-up lessons will be made without 24-hour notice.  A maximum of 3 lessons per student will be made-up during the school year.  Your student registration is a contractual agreement between student and teacher to reserve a specific time each week for the duration of the year.  In the scenario where a makeup lesson is provided, the instructor cannot be guaranteed to be the regular instructor of the student and may be requested in the format of skype lessons.  In the event of the teacher’s absence, the lesson will be re-scheduled or credited. This will be fully enforced.   

2.       In respect to other students and the instructor(s), please stay home when you are not feeling well.  Lessons via skype, online or phone can be arranged with the instructor during normal lesson time.  If neither online or phone lessons can be arranged, the student can record a practice session of their current assignment and be viewed/listened by the instructor and feedback will be provided in an email format during the regular lesson time.  The instructor can also record practice tapes for the student during the lesson time.  The same can be applied for poor weather conditions or days the student cannot travel to the lesson.        

3.       All makeup or credited lessons are to expire by June 30, 2020.  Lessons cannot be carried forward to the next semester.    

4.       Tuition is based on a 10-month calendar from September to June according to the Partita Music Studio Ltd. 2019-2020 calendar and payment schedule above. There will be a $45.00 handling fee for NSF cheques. 

5.       Partita Music Studio Ltd. reserves the right to change, cancel, and substitute dates, locations, classes, teachers and schedule.  Lessons via skype or phone may be requested to accommodate travel, sick days or poor weather conditions. 

6.       Lesson times will be reserved only when contract is complete with signatures, personal information and post-dated payments. 

7.       Four week notice is required for withdrawal of music studies.  All monies paid will be forfeited without four week notice.    

8.       Non-refundable $25.00 of registration fee and $30.00 concert fee for each student is due and payable on registration.  This fee covers registration processing, year end awards, communication via email/notices, studio events and year end concert.

9.       I understand Partita Music Studio Ltd. and individual teachers/volunteers will not be responsible for injuries or accidents during lesson or events organized by Partita Music Studio Ltd.  This agreement holds for the duration of two years from today’s date.   

10.     Partita Music Studio Ltd. reserves the right to use any photos, videos, or the like for publicity, social media and marketing.

11.     Music books, learning materials, examinations and festival fees are not included in tuition fees. 

12.     I give consent for Partita Music Studio Ltd. and teachers to send emails to our family’s email addresses.  Content may include, but are not limited to, progress of my child, payments, studio organized events and schedule changes.